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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Good Lord, I am so bored

Here I sit, with about 40 minutes to go before I can leave here and be free for the evening. I have to go to a jewelry party. I really want to go home and stitch. I have to finish up my exchange pieces. They are crying loudly.

Last night when I came home from work, I took a 2 hour nap. Very unusual for me. I couldn't keep my eyes open. Then we put in about a 150 bales of hay. I got the job of loading it on the elevator, but it wasn't too bad since David was getting 25 bales at a time. The first batch I loaded was over 75 bales cause he had a head start while I was napping. Mike and I caught that up while he was getting the next truckload. It was pretty easy. Then Dave and I put the horses out to the pasture and cleaned the barn. We got in about 9:15. I nuked lasagna for them and found that a bottle of horse shampoo that was under the sink had spilled. I spent about an hour cleaning under the sink. We have mice too...yuck. Once that was done, I ended up dropping a pitcher of kool-aid on the floor. That meant mopping. And now it was after 10PM. I had enough! Any hope of putting needle to thread was going to have to wait. So I went to bed and looked at some new books I got from Amazon France. Can't read 'em but the stitching is beautiful. Makes me want to start more projects!

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