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Saturday, July 09, 2005

Friday Stitching

Well, back to stitching news. Tonight, I worked on the Sampler House exchange. I am 3/4 done stitching it. I thought that I would stitch the evening away but after my rodeo, I didn't really want to stitch. I worked on the exchange piece for a couple of hours but didn't make much headway. I wanted to finish stitching it tonight so I could take it with me to AC Moore or Michaels to look for a box to mount it on. I guess I will guestimate the size. I'll figure out the stitch count and that will give me an estimate of how big the finish stitched piece will be.

I watched Legally Blonde on TBS while I was working on the piece. It was cute, but silly. I think that my working vacation is catching up with me...I am just rambling on now.

Oh, and I did pull the Prairie Schooler, Prairie Bird pattern and am planning on stitching them all together. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, not another start. LOL!!!! (Like that's not going to happen!)

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