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Thursday, July 07, 2005

I never should do this...

I went browsing in other stitcher's albums. I am spending an inordinate amount of time on the internet looking at other stitcher's work. SO now, I have come up with at least 2 new projects for myself. I should make a list of these things cause I'll never remember them. In no particular order:

Prairie Schooler:
1. A house sampler - different houses
2. The bird pillow book, all stitched in squares on one fabric
3. The Santa's stitched the same way.

Halloween Sampler - either a band sampler or different halloweenie things once again in squares like the Drawn Thread sampler that Jackie from California stitched.

Speaking of Drawn Thread - that very idea

I should have stitched a Prairie Schooler house for the exchange too....not that I don't like the Drawn Thread pattern, but it's a tad plain.

Then of course, there are different ways to finish some of these items. I think I want to make a box. I just have to go to AC Moore and look at the chipboard or paper mache boxes...a little fabric and a stitched top and voila! Something cool.

This is dangerous. I have 5 WIPs to work on, so close to finishing them and here I am dreaming and getting creative. Well, at least I have some creativity left. LOL!!!

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