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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Saturday's news

WOW! I really impressed myself today! I got the entire house cleaned before noon. And then I was free for a few hours to do whatever I wanted, so I dragged out my laptop and proceeded to do an inventory of my stash. I am up to almost 700(!)patterns..YIKES! I am officially calling it a *Collection*. I thought I would try to sell some of it off, but I can't bring myself to part with much cause I feel like I am parting with old friends. It's weird, but looking through them brought back a ton of memories...where I was when I bought them and how old I was and what was going on in my life when I bought them. Plus, it made me want to stitch everything I laid hands on. I may have to start another rotation. (NO, NO, NO, don't even think about it...) I told myself that I would only begin one when I finished one. I am close on a few...maybe this will be an incentive to get busy! I would like to begin a Fall piece, a Halloween piece, a box, a Chester County school girl sampler. And some little things to make into smalls. Not too ambitious! LOL!

Tomorrow, I am free too, so I will post some pictures. It's going to be another nice day so I can get some good shots. I need to post some of my completed works, I am proud of what I've stitched and I would like to share them. :-)

Mike had a couple of friends from TaeKwonDo come out for the day. It was a lovely day. They are so nice. I am going to miss having a group of kids here over the weekend! Mike leaves in 29 days for RIT. I thought that I was ok with it, but now I am not so sure. I know this is what we worked hard the last 18 years to accomplish, he is a fine young man. The adult in me is applauding but the Mom is screaming, NO DON'T GO!!! You can't go!
He is joining the AirForce ROTC and will be studying Electrical Engineering. I told him today that I was proud of him and that I would support him with the ROTC if this is what he wants to do. He got on the ROTC floor at school. I am very proud of him.

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